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Birdview PSA


Birdview PSA is a system for managing complex projects with a large number of tasks and team members.

Such projects are often found in marketing, construction, and other industries. The system allows for intelligent resource planning and cost estimation, taking into account the project's resources.

Project centric view

In Birdview, thousands of tasks and hundreds of projects are created daily. The users' problem was that the information in the system was scattered, making it difficult to find information within a specific project.

The solution was to create a Project Centric View, a special mode that allows users to access all information about a project - task list, Kanban board, cost estimation, list of team members, Gantt chart, files, report generation, finances, and much more.

The launch of this feature was very positively received by users, and Project Centric View immediately became the most used feature.

Project centric view also has massive financial module to estimate project cost and resource allocation module - it allows to calculate expenses, payments and targets.

Custom Forms

To gather information from clients at the beginning of a project, our users - project managers - utilize a form builder that enables them to collect the necessary information from the client to kickstart the project and immediately convert it into a project.

The old form builder didn't meet the users' requirements as they requested several new options, so I conducted a redesign of the builder and improved it.

Rate cards

Many projects span over several years and involve a large number of performers. To accurately calculate the project cost, I designed rate cards - cards where you can specify the rate per hour for a role or a specific employee, factor in its annual increase by a certain percentage, calculate the project's profit, and review versions of its rate.