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TrendAgent is a real estate transaction service — with this IT platform, real estate agents can search for and reserve apartments for their clients anytime, anywhere.

It operates at the intersection of high-tech products and human communication, streamlining communication between agencies, developers, banks, and insurance companies.

Mortgage calculator

Problem: In Russia, the so-called subsidized mortgage is applied – when part of the interest is subsidized by the government or the developer. In this case, the cost of the apartment increases by a certain amount, but in the end, the apartment still turns out to be cheaper due to the reduced mortgage rates.

There is also a mortgage with a variable interest rate – when before the property is delivered, the client pay a low interest rate, and after the property is put into operation, the standard rate applies.

Currently, there is no solution on the market that would allow calculating such a mortgage and its payments; agents usually calculate it in Excel using their own formulas.

We have decided to develop a calculator to calculate such complex mortgages in just a few clicks — I made the layouts, devs helped with calculation formulas.

I also supported the ability to calculate complex mortgage options in the mobile application. 
I created a separate page for the list of mortgage programs and made it easy to access the calculator from the apartment page.

I have also conducted comprehensive UX research for both the web and mobile app to ensure that this functionality aligns with the clients' needs.

Client chats

In TrendAgent, a large number of real estate transactions are carried out daily, and all communication regarding these transactions takes place in chats. Several specialists are present in each chat simultaneously - an agent, a developer's representative, a mortgage specialist, an insurance agent, etc.; along with the client.

The problem: if a message is read, it is not clear by whom exactly among those in the chat it was read. Real estate agents need to know if the client specifically has read the messages above.

The solution: a "Client Read" marker in the chat. I added a text indicator of message readability in any chats with clients and redesigned the appearance of the messages accordingly.

I opted not to use user avatars as markers for message readability because not all users on our platform upload avatars, and for real estate agents, it's crucial to know specifically whether the client has read the messages above.

Discount calculation

Developers frequently offer promotions for their new constructions. The challenge lies in determining which discounts are applicable to a chosen apartment and ultimately calculating its final cost, a task that typically requires reaching out to the developer directly.

To streamline this process, our portal consolidates comprehensive information regarding promotions, discount rates, rules for their accumulation, and their respective validity periods from multiple developers.

I have prepared functionality for calculating the final cost of the apartment taking into account the maximum discount from the developer.